physicologybretOrelie Pascale Wright is a franco-english artist based in London.

Originally a costume maker, Pascale has worked on a range of different projects in the field of theatre, cinema, tourism and education. She has lived in France, Portugal, Mexico, Colombia and the UK. Fascinated by DIY culture and its heritage process, she has collected, studied and perfected different skills over the years.

Craft and textiles are deeply rooted in Pascale’s work. Her investigations into colour, volume, texture and shape are essential to her practise which values the act of repetition in the creation of handmade traditions. Keen on biology and the micro patterns found in nature, she plays with the aesthetics and symbolism of lines, connections and the relations they form, in her exploration and creation of visual cycles.

She is currently studying an MA in fine arts at UAL, Chelsea.

CONTACT : orelie.pascale@gmail.com